Xbox One X (aka Project Scorpio)

Much to the excitement of my inner child, I had the pleasure of helping ship the refreshed dashboard experience for the new Xbox console, the Xbox One X, in the fall of 2017. For the launch of the Xbox One X, deemed the world's most powerful console, the Xbox team wanted to go all out with a complete visual and functional overhaul of the Xbox dashboard to showcase this newfound power. I owned the design of the Arena for Xbox Live suite of features for this release.

Tournament Details Page – Solo

This is the experience and flow from pre-registration to post-registration for solo tournaments. Celebrating the player throughout the tournament was a priority.

Tournament Details Page – Team

This is the experience and flow from pre-registration to post-registration, including a browsing forming teams L2, for team tournaments. People loved seeing their gamerpics alongside the rest of their team in the header of an active tournament.


Can't have a tournament without brackets. One of the things we wanted to be shown was the progression of a player in the tournament when focus was placed on their cell in the bracket; this is represented by highlighting their cells, both forwards and backwards in rounds, in the user color.


The features I was most excited to see come to life were the quick actions that appeared under the "Next Up" tournament in the Tournaments L2 of the guide. This enabled a player to quickly take action on a tournament without having to leave their current game, stream, or other activity.